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Methoni Real Estate


Stone house 100m2 - Ref 205

A very nice stone house 100m2 in a traditional village between Methoni-Pylos...Price: 120.000e..

House 110m2 - Ref 206

A very nice village house 110m2, in a traditional village...nice views...Price: 130.000e..

House 150m2 - Ref 208

House 150m2, plot 530m2, at the most beautiful location of Methoni...Price: 220.000e...

Villa 250m2 - Ref 100

an excellent villa 250m2, plot 4.000m2, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a separate apartment....10' walking to…

Maisonette 290m2 - Ref 142

Maisonette 290m2 in Methoni, plot 200m2 - old house compete renovate, modern design, 5 minutes…

House 80m2 - Ref 818

Unfinished house 75m2 plus 20m2 basement , plot 500m2, in a traditional village..10' from Methoni…

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